Guest Speaker: Melinda Alexander


Melinda Alexander helps women get free. A fierce advocate for self discovery and liberation, Melinda creates spaces for truth and testimony—online and in person. As a writer, mother, activist and workshop facilitator, her aim is to embody the kind of honesty and growth that inspires you to free yourself—and your community.

She speaks on body image, self awareness, relationships, spirituality, single motherhood, race, mindfulness and style. A native of Los Angeles, Melinda has studied art, education, social change and cultural theory at UCLA (BA) and NYU (MA). She has taught in K-12 classrooms as well as adult and teacher education programs. 

Melinda has a year-long, online, “Getting Free” program, an art space called Midcity Magic in Los Angeles, and a new book: "Getting Free, A Love Story".  She lives a simple yet magical life with her artist son and dharma partner in Los Angeles.

We are so excited to welcome Melinda to the Knock Out stage this year to share her bright light and inspirational stories with us all.

more from Melinda:

Instagram: @mumumansion