Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with the ticket fees?

We know ticket fees can be a bummer, but sadly we have no control over them. They are set with the company the venue contracts with. But you can avoid some fees if you go to Wonder Ballroom on a show night and buy tickets at the box office. Check their website for box office hours and details!

I can’t stand for the whole show but still want to come. What can be done?

We do have a limited amount of chairs we can offer to guests who need them. Please contact us to make sure we have one for you! We strive to make this event as inclusive as we can, but we can’t offer seats to everyone due to limited space.

What is the schedule of the show like?

We will announce more details closer to the show on our Facebook event page!

Is there a lift or elevator to access the space?

Yes! We want to make sure everyone can enjoy the show, and if you need to use the elevator we can arrange that. It is accessed through Bunk Bar and takes you directly to the main floor of the ballroom.

I want to model for your show, how do I do that?

We will make an announcement closer to the start of the summer about details for the open call auditions for models. Make sure to check out our Facebook page for more info on that!